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Smart Insulin Pens I’ve been using my Smart Insulin Pens (SIPs) for 14 months now & they’ve been a resolution in how I feel about my diabetes, how I manage my diabetes & how passionate I am to help others & to advocate. This thread🧵collates some of the things I’ve been part of to raise […]
After a good nights sleep I made my way down to the hotel breakfast; before making my way to the old town for a walk around and to meet some diabuddies. We had a walk around the town and I bought Harry a postcard. The #duckfiabetes enjoyed exploring around too. We stopped for some lunch […]
After a busy week in school; I finished work at 3:45pm and headed home to finish my packing and spend some time with Harry and Katt before travelling down to London, just shy of 9pm with my travel companion, the #duckingfiabetes. After a four hour car journey down to the capital from Derbyshire; I arrived […]
Hi 👋 My name is Tom and I have Type 1 diabetes. I’m a SEN teacher and live in Derbyshire (England) with my wife and son Harry. For me, for many years I lacked confidence and felt embarrassed and tried to hide away from my diabetes – not telling many people…until only much recently;  I’ve felt […]