Day 1 – the journey to Stockholm

After a busy week in school; I finished work at 3:45pm and headed home to finish my packing and spend some time with Harry and Katt before travelling down to London, just shy of 9pm with my travel companion, the #duckingfiabetes.

After a four hour car journey down to the capital from Derbyshire; I arrived at terminal 2 long haul car pack…and lucky me I got a upgrade to ‘business class’ and jumped in the back of my car 🤣 and got a few hours kip; after a few car alarm ringings 🙈. You’ll never guess what…I had a hypo in my car in the middle of the night – can you spot it and see the skittles effect ⬆️⬆️⬆️


I set myself like 15 alarms but I didn’t need an alarm clock; I suspect both excitement and with airplanes flying over me every 2 minutes did the job. No snooze button haha. I woke up a bit chilly and snug as a big in my duvet.

So off I went…10 minute bus journey to the terminal, checked in & dropped my baggage and heading to security; absolute no issues at all – walked straight through. It was 7:30am and three hours to departure; so a English fry up was on the agenda – let’s play guess how many carbs? – Tweet me your guesses!

A quick look around duty free; hypo treatment and random bits purchased and now it was time to board, get comfy and await the arrival to Stockholm.

You can check out a video I made of the flight here.

Yayyyyy I arrived at Stockholm; nevertheless it was raining but hey who cares I’m in Stockholm…and it’s not like I’m not use to it with our British weather☔


A 15 mins maze walk through the airport and I came to passport control – a 15 minute pit stop queueing; then I reclaimed my baggage instantanously of getting to the baggage belt and…

now I was off get the Arland express 🚄 and boy oh boy it was express – 18mins travelling at 169mph….zooooom zooooom.

This followed up with a tuve and 15 minute walk and I arrived at my hotel; just after 4pm, 18 hours after leaving Derbyshire. I got up to my room and I  facetimed Harry and Katt for a bit before falling asleep for a hour and then went down to the restaurant and had a British classic dish for tea;  fish & chips – ooopsss I eat a few chips before taking the photo 🤣🤪

I came back up to my hotel room, unpacked and made a vlog on twitter highlighting the day 1 adventures and a tour around my room. You can see it here.

See you all tomorrow for day 2 🤩💙