#diabeteschat History

#diabeteschat History

When was #diabeteschat founded? What milestones have occurred in it's history, to date?...well then...check out the history timeline below.
#diabeteschat Timeline

How was #diabeteschat founded?

The very first chat space was Monday 7th February 2022 and was attended by 123 fellow diabuddies from around the world.

7th February 2022

First #diabeteschat Guest Speaker

Janina Gaudin aka Miss Diabetes was the first ever #diabeteschat guest speaker. We spoke about her #diabetes diagnosis and journey, her peer support and advocacy work and her diabetes comics.

13th February 2022

First #diabeteschat Poll

A new #diabeteschat feature was born and the community followers took to the virtual polling stations to vote for their favourite Hypo Treatments.

8th February 2022

#diabetes YouTube Channel

The #diabeteschat YouTube Channel was created to upload content for the community.

23rd April 2022


A new feature for #diabeteschat was born – called the #diabeteschatstories. In this very first special vlog; founder of #diabeteschat Tom Dean spoke to Gary, Sarah and Max (aka Captain Lantus) about Max’s diagnosis, journey with diabetes and their books “The Adventures of Captain Lantus”.

26th April 2022

#diabeteschat New Logo

Thanks to the amazing Miss Diabetes (Janina Gaudin), the new #diabeteschat logo was born after having a little make over.

1st June 2022

#diabeteschat Research Event

On Monday 13th June 2022, #diabeteschat hosted our first ever research event. 5 amazing guest speakers presented their research studies and projects and answered live questions from the community.

13th June 2022

First #diabeteschat Presentation & Event

On Monday 27th June 2022, #diabeteschat hosted our first ever live presentation and event hosted by Diabetes Specialist Nurse, James Ridgeway. James spoke about the essentials of FreeStyle Libre and FGMs. James also shared his Diabetes top tips.

27th June 2022

#diabeteschat Website Launch

Today was the day of our #diabeteschat website launch. Now the community has a space to listen back to Podcasts, check out the latest #diabeteschatstories and see all the other bits of content and information.

1st July 2022

#diabeteschat trending on Twitter

During out twitter space and our #90secondquestions community special #diabeteschat was trending on twitter.

8th August 2022