Exercise & Diet Series

Meet the Guest Speakers

In this series of four chat spaces/event; we talk to Nusrat, Parth and Rob about exercise and how to prepare for personal events; including dietary perspectives.

Nusrat Kausar

Nusrat Kausar is a Diabetes Dietitian and has worked as a dietitian in hospitals and is a volunteer for Diabetes UK for the children camps they run.

Dr Parth Narendran

Dr Parth Narendran is Doctor based in Birmingham and looks after adults with #T1D. He is also a researcher in Type 1 Diabetes.

Dr Robert Andrews

Dr Robert Andrews is a Doctor based in Taunton and his aim, research and education stems in helping people with Type 1 diabetes to exercise safely.

Episode 1 (18th July 2022):

- Their career background; including in diabetes care
- Things to consider before taking up exercise
- Things to consider before taking part in exercise
- When and what to eat when taking part in sport/exercise
- Understanding high & low glucose levels
- Understanding high glucose levels
- Tips for training (including in hot weather)
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Episode 2 (5th September 2022):

In this episode we talked about:
Training for a personal event; including:
- Challenges of exercising, training and getting fit and how it can change the management of diabetes.
- Does a low BMI make you more prone to hypos?
- How to prepare and train for an event such as a marathon?
- How long does it take to build up when training for a major event?
- How to gain muscle mass?
- Adjusting basal rates when training.
- Tips for people with higher blood glucose levels before an event.
- Are any insulins better for people training for events?
- Pump settings to use when exercising.
- Linking training in with exercise based fundraising events.
- Advice for someone recently diagnosed and for exercising without an insulin pump.
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