Guest Speaker Quiz – 22/08/22

#diabeteschat Guest Speaker Summer Quiz (22/8/22)

On the evening of the 22nd of August 2022 the #diabeteschat community came together for a fun Summer quiz. Their are audio questions and answers from 17 of our previous diabetes chat guest speakers. 

You can listen back from the chat space (from 30 mins in) and join in with the  quiz by clicking on this link. Feel free to share your answers on Twitter using the #diabeteschat hash-tag.

How to take part in the quiz:

1. Scroll down below to see a online quiz form. You can navigate through the form to play along with the quiz.

2. Alternatively, you can download your own quiz paper here.

3. You can jot your answers on a piece of paper and send your answers to @welshy_89 or diabetes_chat on twitter.

You can also listen to the questions and answers by clicking on the relevant videos below:

#diabetechat Quiz Questions

#diabetechat Quiz Q&A

#diabeteschat Quizmasters:


#diabeteschat Guest Speaker Summer Quiz

Welcome to the #diabeteschat Guest Speaker Summer quiz.

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Q1 from Captain Lantus:

Captain Lantus

In which town does Captain Lantus live in?

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Q2 from Beth:


What is Beth Kelly's favourite flavour of Monster Munch?

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Q3 from Dan:


What football team / soccer team does Dan support?

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Q4 from James:


James’ question relates to the JDRF DiaDigits Calculator:

So I want you to think of a person who has lived with type 1 diabetes for 70 years and how many injections of insulin would they have had in that time?

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Q5 from Niki:


During pregnancy with type 1 diabetes does your body start producing insulin again?

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Q6 from Jordan:


In cricket what does LBW stand for?

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Q7 from Jane:


In the ACBRD (Australian Centre for Behavioural Research in Diabetes) Research:

How many people with diabetes have experienced some form of stigma due to their diabetes?

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Q8 from Jonsel:


Who was the first open type 1 diabetic footballer in the UK  to talk fully about his diabetes in their autobiography “Against all odds” and what football team did he play for?

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Q9 from Dr Bob:

Dr Bob

What steps can a person living with diabetes take to manage their mental health? (Tick as many as you want).

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Q10 from Gurpreet:


Which is the worlds top selling diabetes drug?

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Q11 from Jade:

Who was the first ever person with type 1 diabetes to receive a dose of insulin successfully?

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Q13 from Renza:


Who was the inventor of the  first battery operated blood glucose monitor?

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Q14 from Paul:


We all know that we give insulin in units, but how did Banting, Collip, Best and MacLeod work out how much insulin was in a single unit?

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Q15 from Jamie:


What is the difference between diabetes distress and burnout?

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Q16 from Janina:


In the first clinical test of diabetes of ancient Indian what animal was used to diagnose diabetes?

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Q17 from Amelia:


You are out eating some delectable gorgeous food like a big ice cream sundae and someone says to you “are you allowed to eat that”. What is your response?