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I’ve been using my Smart Insulin Pens (SIPs) for 14 months now & they’ve been a resolution in how I feel about my diabetes, how I manage my diabetes & how passionate I am to help others & to advocate. This thread🧵collates some of the things I’ve been part of to raise awareness.A picture of Smart Insulin ...
I do hope you find it helpful & hopefully take something away from the thread. There are lots of pictures, links, videos and helpful resources.

If you have any questions, please fire them to me 👍 Always happy to help 😀💙

* btw- SIPs is short for Smart Insulin Pens. 

To start… I’d like to ask you guys a question.

Q: Do you know anything about Smart Insulin Pens?

Have you used SIPs? How did you hear about them? What do you/don’t like about them?
Please feel free to share your experiences and any pictures you have in the comments below 💬👇 

My Journey with SIPs started from a receiving a letter under my door, going to a #libre training course & my DSN asking me “Do you want to give the Smart Insulin Pens a try?”.

My reply- what are they & yes why not, I love a freebie…& boy oh boy it was a life changing decision!Where it all started? Early...A picture of the Sheffield ...A picture of a Libre2 box a...A picture of the NovoPen Ec...

In May 2022 I was invited to speak at the @JDRFUK Type 1 Reset virtual Discovery Day (hosted by @irwin_edelle) about peer support & @diabetes_chat#libre2 and my Smart Insulin Pens. You can watch it back (from 1:03:19) 💉
In September 2022 I joined a lived experienced panel (hosted by @chrisbrighty1) alongside 6 other peers and shared the personal benefits of using diabetes technology for me, specifically around (you guessed it) Smart Insulin Pens (from 2:17:12) 💉
I was truly honoured and privileged to have had the opportunity to speak and be apart of these two @JDRFUK events alongside other advocates and peers, sharing my experiences of using SIPs and hope it helped others.A JDRF poster for the virtu...A picture of the panel disc...
In Sept 2022, I made a video to raise awareness about SIPs. I went through the functions & features of the Novo Nordisk Smart Insulin Pens (NovoPen 6 & NovoPen Echo Plus).

I highlighted:
– how to use the smart pens
– and what apps & features can be used
Left picture - A picture of...

In Sept 2022 I was invited to go over to #EASD2022 to speak at the @dedocORG #dedoc symposium about peer support & @diabetes_chat . Whilst there, I spoke with @FreeStyleDiabet about the upcoming Libre combability to sync Smart insulin pens to their apps:
Being able to see your blood glucose levels and your injection data all in one place, all on one app- is very pleasing for us all in the diabetes community.

We make over 180 decisions a day right, so things like this really does help.

I then did a 2nd video showing how to sync SIPs to Libre. I highlighted:
– How to review the Insulin dose data in your log book & daily graphs.
– How to edit a Insulin dose; change the dose or flow check & add further notes for food and exercise.
Left picture - It shows a S...
Networking in Sweden at @EASDelearning brought me the amazing opportunity to meet @DeanMinnock from @InnovationZed and I learnt lots about the @insulcheck pen caps. This was the first time I had heard of these – they are great!!!
Check out more here –

Here is a picture of the In...

In December 2022, I linked back up with @JDRFUK & shared my experiences of using SIPs with my Dexcom (CGM) & the @GlookoInc app.

This helps as Dexcom DO NOT currently have the cooperability to sync your SIPs data. However, you can manually input it into the events log (see pics)Here is a tweet from JDRF w...What are people saying abou...This is a picture of the De...Here is a screen shot of my...

In Feb 2023, I spoke with Shane (16 years old #T1 for 10 yrs), and his Mum @irwin_edelle . They shared the benefits of using SIPs from Shane’s perspective of someone living with #t1d as well a parents perspective.
A picture of Tom, Edelle an...
You can also check out the @diabetes_chat blog @DIPadvocate17 did; capturing the full #diabeteschatstories in blog format – highlighting the lived experience perspectives and the health professional recommendations around the use of Smart Insulin Pen.
✍️…Here is a blog post from Be...Here is Belinda Moore's tak...

Dr Tom Crabtree @TomCrabtree90 shared his expertise & knowledge with the @diabetes_chat community & talked about
– the different types of pens
– options are available
– features clinicians may be looking for
& lots more.
You can see all the slides here 👇…Here is one of Dr Tom Crabt...Here is another slide highl...In this slide Dr Tom Crabtr...

We also heard from the community through tweets, pictures and interactive polls. It was fabulous to see people sharing their experiences & views of SIPs; hosted by @GKahler2.

Check out some of the photos below and you can see the full presentations here👇…We asked the #diabeteschat ...We asked the #diabeteschat ...We asked the #diabeteschat ...We asked the #diabeteschat ...

Over the year I have asked the community interactive polls and questions about Smart Insulin Pens. You can check out some of them below👇

🗳️ 1:

🗳️ 2:



and finally- a picture of me having pressed the memory mode showing 3.5 units were given a second a go….and this is game changing!!Here is a picture of my han...
I do hope you’ve found this thread helpful & somewhat informative. As you can see; I’m very passionate for Smart Insulin Pens & I’ll always do my best to help raise awareness. If you ever want any help or have any❓- please do reach out. Tom 💙
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