#diabeteschat – Eden & Desmond (26/06/23)


This week on the #diabeteschat we were joined by Eden and Desmond. We started the night finding out more about Laura, James and Julia; hearing their background to diabetes, their roles at EDEN and Desmond and what fascinates them about Diabetes. We then learnt lots about Leicester Diabetes Centre, EDEN and Desmond and [...]

#diabeteschat – Eden & Desmond (26/06/23)2023-08-24T14:23:54+00:00

#diabeteschat – Lochlan’s Legacy (19/06/2023)


This week on the #diabeteschat we were joined by Lesley and Lochlan from Lochlan's Legacy and we heard all about Lochlan's diabetes diagnosis and journey. We also heard from mum Lesley and heard the parents perspective and how she found supporting Lochlan with his diabetes since his diagnosis at the age of 4, [...]

#diabeteschat – Lochlan’s Legacy (19/06/2023)2023-08-24T14:24:59+00:00

The Diabetes Football Community talk about DiaEuros 2023


In this short #diabeteschat episode we speak to Jon, Callum and Joe from the Diabetes Football community. The lads shared a little about their diabetes connection; when they were diagnosed, what they use to manage their diabetes and their go to hypo treatments. We learnt about how the diabetes football community started in [...]

The Diabetes Football Community talk about DiaEuros 20232023-08-24T14:26:56+00:00

#diabeteschat – Mel Stephenson Gray (12/06/23)


This week on the #diabeteschat we were joined by Mel Stephenson Gray. We heard about Mel's journey and diagnosis of Type 1 Diabetes from the age of 13 years old. We also talked about: - juggling life and managing diabetes as a mum - her ambassador roles and involvement with JDRF & DUK [...]

#diabeteschat – Mel Stephenson Gray (12/06/23)2023-08-24T14:28:11+00:00

#diabeteschat – The Type 1 Club and Parent chat (5/6/2023)


On this #diabeteschat episode we were joined by parents of the Type 1 Club. We heard all about the amazing group and how it all started, the events they do and all the amazing fundraising they do to support children and their families. We spoke to Edelle, Gayle and Kelly and learnt how [...]

#diabeteschat – The Type 1 Club and Parent chat (5/6/2023)2023-08-24T14:29:29+00:00

Parent & Carer night


FreeStyle Libre 2 and Top Tips DSN James Ridgeway joined the #diabeteschat as Guest Speaker and did a live presentation on the essentials of Freestyle Libre & gave his diabetes top tips. James Ridgeway EDEN Educator & DSN @JamesRi81958925 James was diagnosed with T1 diabetes over [...]

Parent & Carer night2023-06-04T21:12:34+00:00
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