What is #diabeteschat?

The idea behind #diabeteschat is to connect with people with diabetes from all around the world to chat, share ideas and experiences and is about raising awareness of Diabetes. #diabeteschat unites people together in a peer support group and gives everyone the opportunity to listen, chat and say hello, ask questions or share their unique Diabetes journeys.

The #diabeteschat community brings together people; those newly diagnosed, to those who have had diabetes for a long time. Our community is open to connecting with everyone from; people with diabetes, to parents, partners, friends, family members and Health Care Professionals.

We have weekly Twitter Spaces on our #diabeteschat page, every Monday 8pm (London Time). You can follow us on our social media accounts; follow us on Twitter and subscribe to our YouTube channel and Instagram account.

#diabeteschat Video

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Each week we speak to a guest speaker and they share their lived experiences, knowledge and expertise within the diabetes field.


Our #thursdaythreads are insightful, educational and helping for all; covering a variety of important topics.


Check out our fun interactive #diabeteschat polls. You can vote for your favourite and also see what the community thinks.

Mission Statement & Peer Support

Here is our mission statement and what peer support means to our community. Click on the images to open and see bigger.

Learn more about #diabeteschat

Here is a video outlining a little more about #diabeteschat with our founder Tom Dean. You can also see what peer support and #diabeteschat means to our community.

In this video Tom tells us how #diabeteschat started
and what our peer support community is about.

Read some of the amazing communities’ thoughts on #diabeteschat

#diabeteschat Spaces
Guest Speakers
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*all statistics up-to-date as of end of Oct 2023.


Join #diabeteschat to connect with with people from around the world living with diabetes or have a connection to diabetes. Hear inspiring stories, share experiences, and gain valuable insights from fellow warriors. It’s a powerful platform for support, education, and empowerment. Check out the testimonials from some of our community.

An open forum to discuss key diabetes topics, share lived experiences, learn from the diverse community and grow that diabuddy network. 

Muhammad Irfan Ismail

Talking past word counts and hearing the human voice brings to life. Your Diabetes May Vary aspects of world🌏 & inclusive Lived Experiences. It’s a place where voice curtails hurtful, unthoughtful comments & replaces w/ discussion & learning & feels like it’s among real friends

Mary Murphy

#diabeteschat is… inclusive, empowering, insightful, inspiring, solidarity, respectful, collaborative, connections, entertaining, refreshing, innovative, sharing, caring and enlightening.

Belinda Moore

#diabeteschat means to me – peer support, meeting new friends and learning new things.

Claire Howells

I💙#diabeteschat … since Day 1, for me it’s connecting, online, easily, no matter where you are in the world 🗺, a friendly meeting space, an open door, getting together for a blether ☕️ ‘Mondays at 8 pm’ 🗓, always learn something new. T1d challenging,💯easier shared✊🏼👏🏼😁

Alison Templeton

#diabeteschat is a great place to meet others, learn from peer experience and what’s new in the bigger diabetes world.

Gillian Kerr