Hypo Awareness Week 2022

Hypo Awareness Week 2022 was Monday 3rd October to Sunday 9th October. The #diabeteschat community spoke to EDEN & ran a community panel discussion.

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Hypo Awareness Week diabeteschat & EDEN

The #diabeteschat ran a community event and we answered and shared our hypo experiences with EDEN Diabetes Training. The community discussed how hypos affect them: Sixty to Zero Fear of experiencing a hypo Severe outcomes

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#diabeteschat community panel discussion about Hypos

For #HypoAwarenessWeek #diabeteschat spoke to Dr Pratik Choudhary. Following the Guest Speaker chat we had a #diabeteschat community panel discussion about Hypos and Hypo Awareness. On the Panel was Tony, Chris, Flipper, Marc, Liz, Claire and Tom.

We asked our community the following questions:
– Do you have Hypo awareness?
– What symptoms & at what levels do you start showing signs of hypo?
– What is the lowest Blood Glucose Level you have recorded?
– How do you help prevent hypo (tech, regular checking etc)? How does it make you feel not having Hypo Awareness? If you do have Hypo Awareness how does it make you feel that one day you might not have Hypo Awareness?
– How can parents/carers support #PWD with hypos?

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EDEN supports Hypo Awareness week 2022

On the EDEN website they have lots of videos and resources available for the diabetes community to access, including:
– Health Care Professionals discussing personal and professional perspectives of hypos by James Ridgeway and Vicki Alabraba.
– Mini-modules to support Hypoglycemia a little more.
– Infographic
– The real hypo feeling – this is a video of the #diabeteschat community sharing their hypo experiences.