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The fab four incredible warriors are Lochlan, Shane, Tahlia and Max.

Meet the #DiabetesChatKids





#DiabetesChatKids Podcast

Check out our mini series of chats with the #DiabetesChatKids. Mini series coming 2024!

Episode 1 – Getting to know the Warriors:
In this first
#DiabetesChatKids episode we meet and get to know our super 4 warriors; Lochlan, Shane, Tahlia and Max with our host and #diabeteschat founder, Tom.

We ask the #DiabetesChatKids:
💙 01:21 What is your name, connection to Diabetes & how long have they been living with Diabetes?
03:43 What technology do you use to check your Blood Glucose levels and to administer Insulin?
07:05 What is your go to Hypo Treatments?
09:47 What 1 word would you use to describe Diabetes?
12:28 What super power does your Diabetes give them?