Smart Insulin Pens

Features of NovoPen Smart Insulin Pens

In this video Tom goes through the functions and features of the Novo Nordisk NovoPen 6 and NovoPen Echo Plus smart insulin pens.

Tom will cover how to use the smart pens and the common apps & features that can be used with the smart pens.

Connecting a Smart Insulin Pen to Libre

In this second Smart Insulin Pen video Tom (@welshy_89) goes through how to connect Smart Insulin Pens to Libre step by step and shows the features.

– How to connect and sync your Novo Nordisk NovoPen 6 and NovoPen Echo Plus to the app.

– How to review the Insulin dose data in your log book and daily graphs.

– How to edit a Insulin dose; change the dose or flow check and add further notes including food, exercise and comments.

Smart Insulin Pen – Lived experienced panel discussion

On Thursday the 16th of February 2023, the #diabeteschat community hosted a special community night on Smart Insulin Pens. 

We hosted a live chat discussion hosted by the founder of #diabeteschat, Tom Dean. We also had live presentations from Dr Tom Crabtree, Edelle & Shane and

Gary concluded our amazing night highlights the communities views on Smart Insulin Pens.