#diabeteschat 24 hour chat for World Diabetes Day 2022

For World Diabetes Day; the #diabeteschat hosted a 24 hour Twitter space on Saturday 12th November from 10am to 10am on Sunday 13th November. Throughout the day there was guest speakers from all over the world and communities connecting up.

#diabeteschat 24 Hour Chat – Part 1: 10am-4pm

Contents of this podcast episode:
Part 1 Schedule (10am-4pm):
00:00 10am-11am: Welcome, Renza Scibilia & Captain Lantus
1:01:55 11am-12pm: Team Diabetes 101
2:01:07 12pm-1pm: Dad’s Chat with Diabetic Dad ft. Jules
3:00:54 1pm-2pm: Open Forum Chat
3:57:52 2pm-3pm: Jade Byrne ft. Natalie Balmain
4:59:23 3pm-4pm: GBDoc Quiz hosted by Alex Haggett

#diabeteschat 24 Hour Chat – Part 2: 4pm-10pm

Contents of this podcast episode:
Part 2 Schedule (4pm-10pm):
00:00 4pm-5pm: Open Forum Chat
1:06:06 5pm-6pm: Daniel Newman ‘Type 1 Podcast’ ft. Tom Dean
1:59:50 6pm-7pm: Stacey Simms from Diabetes Connections
2:59:50 7pm-8pm: Open Forum Chat
4:05:00 8pm-10pm: GBDoc TweetChat

#diabeteschat 24 Hour Chat – Part 3: 10pm-4am

Contents of this podcast episode:
Part 3 Schedule (10pm-4am):
00:00 10pm-10:30pm: Alex Allison Singing
29:10 10:30am-1am: Open Forum Chat
1:58:41 1am-2am: Diabetes Advocacy Book Club
2:59:07 2am-3am: Ben West & Chris Wilson & Open Forum Chat
4:57:32 3am-4am: Tino (Diabetic Mogul) ft. Dr Brynn Marks

#diabeteschat 24 Hour Chat – Part 4: 4am-10am

Contents of this podcast episode:
Part 4 Schedule (4am-10am):
00:00 4am-5am: Beta Cell Podcast
1:01:38 5am-6am: The Diabesties Foundation panel chat
2:01:12 6am-7am: Johanah & Hubban
3:14:26 7am-8am: Open Forum Chat
4:04:09 8am-9am: Australia takeover ft. Belinda Moore & guests
5:00:05 9am-10am: Partha Kar & James Ridgeway Q&A