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#diabeteschatstories EP 1:
The Adventures of Captain Lantus

In our first edition of the #diabeteschatstories; we talk to Gary, Sarah and Max Rapson from The Adventures Of Captain Lantus. We talk about Max’s diagnosis of Type 1 Diabetes and how he manages his #T1Ds every day. We also talk about Max’s amazing books ‘The Adventures of Captain Lantus’. Max also asks Tom some questions.

Contents of this podcast episode:
Intro of what #diabeteschatstories is all about.
Part 1: Mum and dad share their parents journey of having a CWD.
Part 2: A talk about the Captain Lantus books.
Part 3: A chat with Max about his diabetes & books.
Part 4: Max aka Captain Lantus interviews Tom.

#diabeteschatstories EP 2:
Smart Insulin Pen – Lived experienced panel discussion

In our second edition of the #diabeteschatstories; we hosted a live event on Smart Insulin Pens. On Thursday the 16th of February 2023, the #diabeteschat community hosted a special community night on Smart Insulin Pens. We hosted a live chat discussion hosted by the founder of #diabeteschat, Tom Dean. We also had live presentations from Dr Tom Crabtree, Edelle & Shane and Gary concluded our amazing night highlights the communities views on Smart Insulin Pens.

In our panel discussion we spoke to 4 fantastic guest speakers; from different perspectives – from a clinician standpoint and from people using the Smart Insulin Pens everyday. We spoke to:
– Dr Tom Crabtree
– James Russell
– Nick Cahm
– Ben Raven

Contents of this  episode:
Intro of what #diabeteschatstories is all about.
Part 1:  Welcome slides
Part 2: Introduction by Tom Dean
Part 3: Dr Tom Crabtree; an introduction to Smart Insulin Pens – What are Smart Insulin Pens what are the benefits from a HCP standpoint and the benefits & sustainability in Diabetes healthcare.
Part 4: Mum and Son Views (Edelle and Shane)
Part 5:
 Panel discussion with James, Ben, Nick, Dr Tom Crabtree hosted by Tom Dean
Part 6:
Community comments and Q&A
Part 7:
#diabeteschat community views on Smart Insulin Pens
Part 8:
How to learn more about Smart Insulin Pens and Closing Remarks