#diabeteschatstories EP 3: Hybrid Closed Loop Event

In this #diabeteschatstories event we were joined by Prof. Partha Kar and we had a live Q&A with the #diabeteschat community; all things Hybrid Closed Looping. We also spoke with Yasmin Hopkins who shared her lived experiences of Hybrid Closed Looping and we shared the communities views on HCL.

You can check out the full schedule and timestamps below:
4:30 Intro
5:16 Digibete Video of HCL
9:06 Q&A with Partha
1:04:18 Community Views
1:13:15 Yasmin Hopkins – Lived experience chat of HCL
1:32:43 Panel Discussion of HCL
1:46:53 Closing Remarks
1:48:35 End Slides and messages from the community

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