#diabeteschatstories – Hybrid Closed Loop Event

On Thursday the 11th of May 2023, the #diabeteschat community hosted a special community night on Hybrid Closed Loop

We hosted a live chat discussion hosed by Tom, Mary and Flipper.

Hybrid Closed Loop event – Overview

In this #diabeteschatstories event we were joined by Prof. Partha Kar and we had a live Q&A with the #diabeteschat community; all things Hybrid Closed Looping. We also spoke with Yasmin Hopkins who shared her lived experiences of Hybrid Closed Looping and we shared the communities views on HCL.

Click on the image to watch the Hybrid Closed Loop event.

Hybrid Closed Loop – Watch the event here!

Contents of this event:
You can check out the full schedule and timestamps below:
4:30 Intro
5:16 Digibete Video of HCL
9:06 Q&A with Partha
1:04:18 Community Views
1:13:15 Yasmin Hopkins – Lived experience chat of HCL
1:32:43 Panel Discussion of HCL
1:46:53 Closing Remarks
1:48:35 End Slides and messages from the community

Click on the image to watch the video.

Lived experience of using Hybrid Closed Loop

In this video Tom speaks to Yasmin by getting to know her in our fun quick fire questions. Yasmin then shares her lived experiences of using Hybrid Closed Looping (HCL).

We talked about:
– How long Yasmin has been using HCL, how she heard about HCL and why did you move over to HCL?
– The features that Yasmin feels help improve her quality of life and overall management and control of her diabetes.
– The transition to HCL from using a pump and pens.
– and what Yasmin thought could be done to make HCL better for herself as as a person living with Diabetes; as well as for a parent/carer and for Health Care Professional?

Community views on Smart Insulin Pens.

Use the slider to see the slides.

Community views on Hybrid Closed Loop

On the slides you can see some of the views of using Hybrid Closed Loop from our community. You can see some pictures, polls and tweets from the community.

Evolution of Technology Provision

Hybrid Closed Loop Systems Comparison Chart

Provided by: Diabetes Nurse Forum UK

Tweets from Hybrid Closed Loop Event