Smart Insulin Pen Event (16/2)

#diabeteschatstories - Lived experiences of Smart Insulin Pens.

On Thursday the 16th of February 2023, the #diabeteschat community hosted a special community night on Smart Insulin Pens. We hosted a live chat discussion hosted by the founder of #diabeteschat, Tom Dean.

We also had live presentations from Dr Tom Crabtree, Edelle & Shane and Gary concluded our amazing night highlights the communities views on Smart Insulin Pens.

In our panel discussion we spoke to 4 fantastic guest speakers; from different perspectives – from a clinician standpoint and from people using the Smart Insulin Pens everyday. We spoke to:
– Dr Tom Crabtree
– James Russell
– Nick Cahm
– Ben Raven

00:00 – Welcome slides
9:52 – Introduction by Tom Dean
12:10 – Dr Tom Crabtree; an introduction to Smart Insulin Pens – What are Smart Insulin Pens what are the benefits from a HCP standpoint and the benefits & sustainability in Diabetes healthcare.
31:22 – Mum and Son Views (Edelle and Shane)
43:30 – Panel discussion with James, Ben, Nick, Dr Tom Crabtree hosted by Tom Dean
1:12:01 – Community comments and Q&A
1:23:39#diabeteschat community views on Smart Insulin Pens
1:39:09 – How to learn more about Smart Insulin Pens and Closing Remarks

Click on the image above to watch the Smart Insulin Pen event

Click through Dr Tom Crabtree’s presentation on Smart Insulin Pens

Click through the Community views on Smart Insulin Pens

Want to learn more about Smart Insulin Pens…check these slides out.