#diabeteschatstories – Smart Insulin Pen Event

On Thursday the 16th of February 2023, the #diabeteschat community hosted a special community night on Smart Insulin Pens.

We hosted a live chat discussion hosed by our founder of #diabeteschat, Tom Dean.

Smart Insulin Pen Event – Overview

During the event we had a live presentations from Dr Tom Crabtree, spoke to parent and son; Edelle & Shane, had a live panel discussion and Gary concluded our amazing night highlighting some of the communities views on Smart Insulin Pens.

In our panel discussion we spoke to 4 fantastic guest speakers; from different perspectives – from a clinician standpoint and from people using the Smart Insulin Pens everyday. We spoke to:
– Dr Tom Crabtree
– James Russell
– Nick Cahm
– Ben Raven

Click on the image to watch the Smart Insulin Pen event.

Smart Insulin Pen Event – Watch the event here!

Contents of this event:
00:00 – Welcome slides
9:52 – Introduction by Tom Dean
12:10 – Dr Tom Crabtree; an introduction to Smart Insulin Pens – What are Smart Insulin Pens what are the benefits from a HCP standpoint and the benefits & sustainability in Diabetes healthcare.
31:22 – Mum and Son Views (Edelle and Shane)
43:30 – Panel discussion with James, Ben, Nick, Dr Tom Crabtree hosted by Tom Dean
1:12:01 – Community comments and Q&A
1:23:39 – #diabeteschat community views on Smart Insulin Pens
1:39:09 – How to learn more about Smart Insulin Pens and Closing Remarks

Dr Tom Crabtree’s presentation on Connected Devices.

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Dr Tom Crabtree’s presentation

Here are the overviews of the presentation Dr Tom Crabtree covered. You can view the slides:
– The balancing act of managing Type 1 Diabetes
– Options and choices of technology available
– The benefits of seeing data
– Current pen choices and what’s to come
– Features of connected devices
– Research highlighting significant improvement in glycemic control
– Environmental factors
– Potential downfalls
– The future of technology

Click on the image to watch the video.

Parent and Son perspective of living with #T1D and using Smart Insulin Pens

Shane is 16 years old and has been living with diabetes for 10 years. Along with his mum, Edelle; they join Tom for a quick chat and share their insights into using Smart Insulin Pens. They talk about the benefits of using them from Shane’s perspective of someone living with diabetes as well a parents perspective.

Community views on Smart Insulin Pens.

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Community views on Smart Insulin Pens

On the slides you can see some of the views of using Smart Insulin Pens from our community. You can see some pictures, polls and tweets from the community. You can also see some of the apps used by our community; them being, Libre, Glooko and Mysygr.

Want to learn more about Smart Insulin Pens…

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Want to learn more about Smart Insulin Pens

Head on over to our YouTube channel and you can watch 2 videos on Smart Insulin Pens.

Video 1 highlights the features of NovoPen Smart Insulin Pens: In this first video Tom goes through the functions and features of the Novo Nordisk NovoPen 6 and Echo Plus, including; How to use the smart pens, what apps to use and what features can be used.

Video 2 highlights how to connect a Smart Insulin Pen to Libre: In this second video Tom goes through how to connect Smart Insulin Pens to Libre step by step and shows features; of how to connect and sync your pens to the app, how to review the insulin dose data in the log book and daily graphs and how to edit a insulin dose.

You can also see our Smart Insulin Pen resource page that has all the information and links for you.

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