FreeStyle Libre 2 and Top Tips

DSN James Ridgeway joined the #diabeteschat as Guest Speaker and did a live presentation on the essentials of Freestyle Libre & gave his diabetes top tips.

James Ridgeway
EDEN Educator & DSN

James was diagnosed with T1 diabetes over 10 years ago, in Feb 2012 (aged 23).

After a career in the music industry James became a Health Care Assistant and trained to become a Nurse.

James is a Diabetes Educator for EDEN and is a Diabetes Specialist Nurse.

#diabeteschat Guest Speaker chat, Libre Presentation & Top Tips (27.6.22)

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James’ Guest Speaker Chat;  where James shares his #T1 Diagnosis/journey and his Pen to pump (Omnipod) journey.

Libre Presentation explaining what is FreeStyle Libre 2 and the functions of using it.

Top Tips on Hypos, Hypo treatments, illness & sick day rules & The 4T’s and symptoms of diabetes