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DAFNE-UK comes to #diabeteschat town  What the listeners have to say about DAFNE before we hear from the DAFNE-UK team : “DAFNE is not just carb counting” “DAFNE didn’t really benefit me because I already knew how to carb count…only reason I did it was because I wanted a pump” “Doing DAFNE was when I [...]

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#diabeteschat Blog – Amar Puttanna


After #diabeteschat ended this morning, I attended day 2 of a behavioural science conference in Melbourne, Australia. The conference is titled ‘Using Behavioural Science to Overcome Global Challenges’. One of today’s sessions was specifically about using behavioural science to enable society to reduce misinformation, largely in the online world. Whilst listening to the presenter delivering [...]

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#diabeteschat Blog – Smart Insulin Pen Event


#diabeteschatstories – Smart Insulin Pen event WOW! What a nicely blended Twitter/YouTube chat that so respectfully incorporated both the lived experience perspectives and health professional recommendations around the use of Smartpens  Today began with an interview between Host Tom and mother Edelle of teenager Shane who lives with T1D.  Hearing Edelle say that “we aren’t [...]

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#diabeteschat Blog – Jack Iredale


The first birthday celebrations for #diabeteschat on Monday 6th February 2023 brings a conversation about life with diabetes as a professional footy player: One thing I found interesting in tonight’s chat were two themes that kept popping up because it’s what obviously keeps Aussie-Kiwi, Jack Iredale, professional footy player with T1D living in Scotland going [...]

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