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In this #diabeteschat, Tom is joined by our guest speaker and diabetes consultant Dr Alistair Lumb. We talked about: 💙 his career working in the diabetes field 💙 his role as DTN UK chair 💙 technology 💙 sports & exercise tips 💙 & Dr Alistair Lumb welcomed questions from the community You can also tune […]
On this #diabeteschat episode Flipper spoke to Duke about his diabetes diagnosis and journey, OCD, mental health and peer support. We also spoke about Duke's career as a poet and did a live performance reading his poems. You can also listen on Twitter spaces:
This week we welcome Gavin and Paula as our guest speakers from Diathlete and your hosting duo are Mary and Tom. Gavin with diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the age of 8 and Paula was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the age of 4. Paula is a Paediatric Diabetes Dietarian. In this #diabeteschat […]
This week we welcome Tiernan as our guest speaker. We will be talking about his diagnosis and journey with living with diabetes from the age of 4. We'll hear how life was growing up with managing diabetes in his childhood, teenage years and beyond and talk about the tech he has used. We'll also be […]
On this #diabeteschat episode Tom was joined with Paul, Lesley and Alison from the #diabetes community. We will also be joined by Daniel from Diabetes Scotland. Our important topic was learning about the Tech Collective and all about #DiabetesTechCantWait. We talked about access and equality across Scotland, the UK and all around the world.
In this #diabeteschat we were joined by Leon Tribe from Australia. You may also know Leon as the practical diabetic online or from his website. Leon is a diabetes advocate, public speaker, writer and trained physicist based in Sydney, Australia. Leon was originally misdiagnosed with Type 2 before correctly being diagnosed as having Type 1 […]
This week on the #diabeteschat we held our first ever book club night hosted by Gary and Claire. We were joined by three authors who have created their own diabetes books. They shared their background and connections to the diabetes world and we heard what inspired them to create a diabetes book. We also heard […]
On Monday 10th July 2023 the #diabeteschat community held it's first ever book club event and our guests were – Max and Gary from Captain Lantus – Jade from Daisy Donald – Jo from Bae, a badger with type 1 diabetes. In this short video; Max, Jade and Jo read and share a few pages […]
This week on the #diabeteschat we were joined by Amanda Epps. We heard about Amanda's diagnosis with Type 1 Diabetes as well as her son's diagnosis story and how she manages type 1 parenting. We also talked about Amanda's career as a DSN, the DSN Forum, diabetes 101, and much more.
This week on the #diabeteschat we were joined by Eden and Desmond. We started the night finding out more about Laura, James and Julia; hearing their background to diabetes, their roles at EDEN and Desmond and what fascinates them about Diabetes. We then learnt lots about Leicester Diabetes Centre, EDEN and Desmond and James shared […]