#diabeteschat – Mel Stephenson Gray (12/06/23)


This week on the #diabeteschat we were joined by Mel Stephenson Gray. We heard about Mel's journey and diagnosis of Type 1 Diabetes from the age of 13 years old. We also talked about: - juggling life and managing diabetes as a mum - her ambassador roles and involvement with JDRF & DUK [...]

#diabeteschat – Mel Stephenson Gray (12/06/23)2023-08-24T14:28:11+00:00

#diabeteschat – Ros Gray (22/5/2023)


On this week's #diabeteschat we were joined by Ros Gray. She spoke to Flipper and Tom about her diabetes diagnosis and journey and how technology has changed over the past 40 years since diagnosed with type 1 diabetes as a toddler. Ros also spoke about her amazing advocacy work she has done for [...]

#diabeteschat – Ros Gray (22/5/2023)2023-08-24T14:32:27+00:00

#diabeteschat – Parent & Carer night Part 2 (7.11.22)


In this very special podcast we chat to 10 amazing parents and carers about how they support their loved ones with diabetes and themselves. In Part 2 we talk about: - Mental Health - What real life support and peer support have you around you? - What would you say to new carers/parents - [...]

#diabeteschat – Parent & Carer night Part 2 (7.11.22)2023-08-25T13:45:43+00:00

#diabeteschat – Niki Breslin (20.6.22)


Niki Breslin is a mummy to two children and wife to husband Matt. Niki was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes initially as a misdiagnosis, before Type 1 Diabetes.. Niki is a big advocatefor diabetes, a freelance writer and speaker and has worked in projects with MedTech companies. Niki has been on roller-coasterjourney with her [...]

#diabeteschat – Niki Breslin (20.6.22)2023-08-25T14:05:12+00:00
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