#diabeteschat – Jaimie Boisvenue (25.7.22)


Jaimie Boisvenue is an epidemiologist specializing in chronic disease and health services research. In 2009 he completed a biological sciences diploma followed shortly by a Bachelors degree in Technology and Health Management at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology. In 2019 he completed his Masters degree in Epidemiology and Public Health with a focus [...]

#diabeteschat – Jaimie Boisvenue (25.7.22)2023-08-25T13:59:17+00:00

#diabeteschat – Nusrat Kausar, Dr Parth Narendran & Dr Robert Andrews (18.7.22)


Nusrat Kausar is a Diabetes Dietitian and has worked as a dietitian in hospitals and is a volunteer for Diabetes UK for the children camps they run. Dr Parth Narendran is Doctor based in Birmingham and looks after adults with #T1D. He is also a researcher in Type 1 Diabetes. Dr Robert Andrews is [...]

#diabeteschat – Nusrat Kausar, Dr Parth Narendran & Dr Robert Andrews (18.7.22)2023-08-25T14:00:23+00:00

#diabeteschat – Amelia Cook & Gurpreet Kaur (11.7.22)


Amelia started as a nurse on the diabetes/cardiovascular ward in 1994, became a DSN at a hospital for 10 years, has completed her Masters degree in advanced clinical practice and is now a cliniciancare lead and primary care clinical executivefor the Black Country West Birmingham clinical commissionsgroup for diabetes, since 2021. Gurpreet's background masters [...]

#diabeteschat – Amelia Cook & Gurpreet Kaur (11.7.22)2023-08-25T14:01:43+00:00

#diabeteschat – Tinotenda Dzikiti (4.7.22)


Tinotenda Dzikiti was diagnosed with T1 diabetes over 10 years ago, aged 13. Tino is an ambassador for Zimbabwe Diabetes Association and Diabetes advocate with T1international and Africa Diabetes Alliance. Tino has his own blog and podcast called the Diabetes Mogul. In this episode Tom & Chris and the Diabetes Chat community asked questions [...]

#diabeteschat – Tinotenda Dzikiti (4.7.22)2023-08-25T14:02:47+00:00
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