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#diabeteschat – Nusrat Kausar, Dr Parth Narendran & Dr Robert Andrews (18.7.22)

Nusrat Kausar is a Diabetes Dietitian and has worked as a dietitian in hospitals and is a volunteer for Diabetes UK for the children camps they run. Dr Parth Narendran is Doctor based in Birmingham and looks after adults with #T1D. He is also a researcher in Type 1 Diabetes. Dr Robert Andrews is a Doctor based in Taunton and his aim, research and education stems in helping people with Type 1 diabetes to exercise safely. In this first of 4 series event; we talk to Nusrat, Parth and Rob about exercise and how to prepare for personal events.

In this special episode Tom, Chris and the Diabetes Chat community asked questions to Nusrat, Parth and Rob as they joined the #diabeteschat Twitter Space as guest speakers and we talked about:
– Their career background; including in diabetes care
– Things to consider before taking up exercise
– Things to consider before taking part in exercise
– When and what to eat when taking part in sport/exercise
– Understanding high & low glucose levels
– Understanding high glucose levels
– Tips for training (including in hot weather)
+Lots more.

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