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#diabeteschat – Revolve Comics

In this #diabeteschat, co-hosts Mary and Kes are joined by Mayank Patel & Danny McLaughlin.

Revolve Comics is a comic book publisher housed in Northern Ireland. In 2015, Revolve Comics collaborated with Diabetes Specialists Partha Kar and Mayank Patel, from Portsmouth & Southampton and people living with Type 1 Diabetes to create a comic series based on Type 1 Diabetes.

The comics provide a means of spreading the Type 1 Diabetes messaged by using art and informing and educating people who read them. There are currently 5 editions of the comics MulTIverse; issue 1: Type 1 Origins, Issue 2: Attack of the Ketones, Issue 3: Type 1 Stigma, Issue 4: Type 1 Generations and Issue 5: Diabetes Secret Wards.

In this podcast episode we get to know Mayank and Danny and hear about their backgrounds. We learnt about how the comics revolved; what the comics are all about and talked about education and mental health.

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