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#diabeteschat – World Diabetes Day 2023 Virtual Conference

For World Diabetes Day 2023; #diabeteschat hosted a 6 hour virtual conference. We had lots of guest speakers, for the fun packed event, raising lots of awareness for Diabetes. The event was Monday 13th November 2013 and started at 6pm and ran to 12am GMT (UK Time).

We raised lots of awareness for all types of diabetes and heard from lots of different people from around the world. You can go to the specific chats below:
πŸ’™ 00:00 Welcome Slides
πŸ’™ 07:33 Introduction from Tom Dean (Founder)
πŸ’™ 10:16 James Ridgeway – ‘Under the umbrella Diabetes Types in 10 minutes’
πŸ’™ 27:42 #diabeteschatkids ft. Lochlan, Shane, Max & Tahlia
πŸ’™ 43:23 Diabetes Art ft. Kes and The Diabetic Survivor
πŸ’™ 1:06:38 Type 2 Chat ft. Gary, Claire, Mel and Desmond (Julia)
πŸ’™1:39:09 Technology talk ft. Shaun (Derby T1 Group), Dr Emma Wilmot & Tim Street
πŸ’™ 2:22:01 Celebrity chat ft. Tom Dean & Jonny Labey
πŸ’™ 2:40:16 HCPs chat and Q&A with Partha Kar and DSN Forum; Amanda, Beth & Vicki
πŸ’™ 3:42:17 Parent chat ft: Mary, Edelle, Michelle, Maddie & Rob
πŸ’™ 4:10:57 Global advocates chat
πŸ’™ 4:41:48 Live entertainment & chat with Tony
πŸ’™ 5:05:04 Open Forum Chat with the diabetes community
πŸ’™ 6:05:55 Prize Draw
πŸ’™ 6:11:36 Final comments

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