Month: April 2023

Smart Insulin Pens I’ve been using my Smart Insulin Pens (SIPs) for 14 months now & they’ve been a resolution in how I feel about my diabetes, how I manage my diabetes & how passionate I am to help others & to advocate. This thread🧵collates some of the things I’ve been part of to raise […]
On the 24th of April 2023, Kes Fuller joined the #diabeteschat as our guest speaker. Kes originally wanted to join the Royal Navy as this had always been something that she wanted to do from her time with the sea cadets. As time went by Kes was unable to do this as she became increasingly […]
On the 17th of April 2023, Natalie Balmain joined the #diabeteschat as our guest speaker. Introduction: Natalie is a lady of many talents. She describes herself as a broadcaster, designer & Campaigner. She founded her company Type 1 Clothing back in 2017 based on a novel idea of being able to inject or access diabetes […]