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#diabeteschat – Kes Fuller (24/4/2023) – Social care & Diabetes in the community

On the 24th of April 2023, Kes Fuller joined the #diabeteschat as our guest speaker.

Kes originally wanted to join the Royal Navy as this had always been something that she wanted to do from her time with the sea cadets. As time went by Kes was unable to do this as she became increasingly unwell. This led to Kes becoming a social worker in 2013. Kes has worked in 3 different local authorities in the south, and Kes is passionate about education issues, SEND and mental health. Kes is also a practice educator and assessor. Kes was misdiagnosed with t2 initially became even more unwell and then t1 in July 2019. Kes started with Humalog mix 25 1 week before travelling abroad to Tunisia. Switched to bolus / basal Humalog & Abasaglar, then Fiasp and Tresiba and now Fiasp pump 789g looping Guardian 4.

In this podcast episode Tom & Toni spoke with Kes and we learned more about our #diabeteschat co-host and her diagnosis of T1 diabetes, her career as a social worker and we talked about peer support and mental health.

You can also listen on Twitter: and use the hashtag – #diabeteschat

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