#diabeteschatstories EP 3: Hybrid Closed Loop Event


In this #diabeteschatstories event we were joined by Prof. Partha Kar and we had a live Q&A with the #diabeteschat community; all things Hybrid Closed Looping. We also spoke with Yasmin Hopkins who shared her lived experiences of Hybrid Closed Looping and we shared the communities views on HCL. You can check [...]

#diabeteschatstories EP 3: Hybrid Closed Loop Event2023-08-22T23:09:46+00:00

#diabeteschatstories EP 2: Smart Insulin Pen – Lived experienced panel discussion


In our second edition of the #diabeteschatstories; we hosted a live event on Smart Insulin Pens. On Thursday the 16th of February 2023, the #diabeteschat community hosted a special community night on Smart Insulin Pens. We hosted a live chat discussion hosted by the founder of #diabeteschat, Tom Dean. We also had live presentations from Dr Tom Crabtree, Edelle & [...]

#diabeteschatstories EP 2: Smart Insulin Pen – Lived experienced panel discussion2023-06-01T20:02:47+00:00

#diabeteschatstories EP 1: The Adventures of Captain Lantus


In our first edition of the #diabeteschatstories; we talk to Gary, Sarah and Max Rapson from The Adventures Of Captain Lantus. We talk about Max’s diagnosis of Type 1 Diabetes and how he manages his #T1Ds every day. We also talk about Max’s amazing books ‘The Adventures of Captain Lantus’. Max also asks Tom some [...]

#diabeteschatstories EP 1: The Adventures of Captain Lantus2023-09-22T18:10:18+00:00
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