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#diabeteschat Research Event - 12th February 2024 Here is the fourth #diabeteschat Research Event. The live event was on Monday 12th February 2024, from 8pm and we hosted 7 speakers who shared their research and innovation Projects with the community. Meet the Research Speakers Here are the 7 [...]

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Day 14: Post a picture for World Diabetes Day Please feel free to leave a comment below and follow the comments on our Twitter page: https://twitter.com/diabetes_chat/status/1724442063234609328


Parent & Carer night


FreeStyle Libre 2 and Top Tips DSN James Ridgeway joined the #diabeteschat as Guest Speaker and did a live presentation on the essentials of Freestyle Libre & gave his diabetes top tips. James Ridgeway EDEN Educator & DSN @JamesRi81958925 James was diagnosed with T1 diabetes over [...]

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Pens to Pumping


Pens to Pumping 1/14 It's almost 200 days since I started using an insulin pump🗓️ So I thought I would reflect by creating a🧵covering: What is pump therapy? Why I switched from MDI? What pump I chose and why? How I switched? What difference has it made? #gbdoc #diabeteschat 2/14 What is pump therapy? Insulin [...]

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