Pens to Pumping


It’s almost 200 days since I started using an insulin pump🗓️

So I thought I would reflect by creating a🧵covering:
What is pump therapy?
Why I switched from MDI?
What pump I chose and why?
How I switched?
What difference has it made?

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What is pump therapy?
Insulin pump therapy is also known as a continuous subcutaneous insulin infusion (CSII).
It’s basically a programmed pump that delivers rapid acting insulin through an infusion set to help manage glucose levels.


What type of insulin pumps are there?
There are two main types:
One type are tethered e.g. @TandemDiabetes T Slim, @MDT_Diabetes 780G, @MYLIFE YpsoPump.
These pumps consist of a portable pump device, a canula that is inserted into the skin, and small tubing.



The other type is patched pumps e.g. @myomnipod dash and @GlucoMen.
These types have a pump device that is directly attached to the skin. The pump then wirelessly communicates with a handheld device or compatible control app on a mobile phone.



Why I switched from multiple daily insulin injections (MDI)?

For many years I found injections to be:
– Burdensome on my life with #T1D🙁
– Unable to help me self-manage my glucose levels possible the best possible
– Restricted my ability to run as far as possible🏃‍♂️


During my ten years on insulin injections I also developed a fear of hypoglycaemia🩸
This is what became the criteria rationale for use of insulin pump therapy as per @NICEComms [TA151]⬇️



What pump I chose and why?

I chose @myomnipod dash.
I liked how there is no tubing and that the pump is directly attached.
I thought to myself that I wear and get on well with @FreeStyleDiabet, and that the dash device is just a little bigger.


I also had a go at wearing a test kit which was a useful and positive experience.
A bit like a test drive 🚗
Or a try before you ”buy”

For anyone interested here is a link:…



How I switched?

Prior to my insulin pump start day I was required to write down my glucose levels, carbs, bolus and basal doses for one week.
It felt like I was completing a @DAFNE diary again😆



This was to help my diabetes team work out my pump:
– Basal rates
– Insulin to carbohydrate ratios
– Insulin sensitivity factors for correcting high glucose levels

@DTN_UK have the most amazing guide for #hcps which includes a flow chart for pump setting initiation⬇️



I was on twice daily Levemir 💉
So I needed to appropriately stop my long acting insulin before starting on my pump journey🛣️
Thankfully my diabetes team @uhlinptdiab provided clear instructions💌
I was instructed to omit my morning Levemir dose on the pump start day ⬇️



Then on Monday 20th June 2022 I switched from MDI to pump therapy.
I was a little apprehensive about starting 🫢
But I took the plunge and have been swimming ever since🏊‍♂️
When I got home that day my family made a little surprise party🥳


What difference has it made?

For me it has certainly reduced my burdensome feeling of living with #T1D
It has also helped reduce my anxiety with hypos🙂
It has also given me more confidence to push myself further and more often with my running🏃‍♂️



But like all technology, pump therapy is not perfect.
I have experienced unexplained hyperglycaemia, leading to me identifying pump failure❌
It also requires you to be methodical, prepared and committed.
But from it I have noticed better glucose levels🩸