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#diabeteschat – DAFNE (27/2/2023)

DAFNE stands for ‘Dose Adjustment For Normal Eating’. It evolved from the education programme and insulin regimen developed in Germany by Michael Berger in the 1980’s and teams from Northumbria, Sheffield and Kings visited Germany together in the late 1990’s before bringing the programme back to the UK and adapting it for the UK population. DAFNE believes all adults with type 1 diabetes should have access to high-quality training in the use of insulin, so they can live their life with as few restrictions as possible and still achieve glucose results within healthy targets to reduce the risk of long-term diabetes complications. There are 108 DAFNE centres around the UK, Republic of Ireland and Crown Dependencies and it’s also been established in Australia, as OzDAFNE, and in Kuwait. Liesl joined the #diabeteschat and represented DAFNE UK. Liesl is a registered nurse and became a Diabetes Specialist Nurse in 1999, a DAFNE educator in 2005 and joined the national DAFNE team as a trainer and quality assessor in 2017.

In this podcast episode Tom, Toni, Kes and the #diabeteschat community learnt lots about what DAFNE is and we spoke to DAFNE graduate Stewart Betts. We also had a very informative and interactive community Q&A with DAFNE and the #diabeteschat community.

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