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#diabeteschat – Daniel Newman (25.4.22)

Daniel Newman was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in 1996 at the age of 10. In 2013, Dan was diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Disease which was likely caused by his Type 1 Diabetes and in April 2018 received a Kidney Transplant. Dan also lives with Diabetic Proliferative Retinopathy. Dan is a fantastic advocate for diabetes and is truly inspirational in sharing his stories and diabetes journey. Dan has worked for JDRF UK. Dan hosts the award-winning Type 1 diabetes podcast – The Talking Type 1. Dan interviews people in the diabetes community from all over the world sharing their personal journeys of life with type 1 diabetes.

Tom, Chris and the Diabetes Chat community asked questions to Dan as he joined the #diabeteschat Twitter Space as guest speaker.
We spoke about:
– His journey with diabetes.
– Diabetes wilderness.
– His diagnosis with Chronic Kidney Disease.
– Receiving a Kidney Transplant.
+lots more.

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