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#diabeteschat – Jade Byrne (23.5.22)

Jade Byrne was diagnosed with #T1D 30 years – back in 1989 at the age of 4. Jade is an writer, author, actor and stage performer. Jade has been a professional actor for 13 years and took to the stage when she wrote her own stage show ‘Pricks’. Jade is also a children’s book author with her book Daisy Donald and runs her own Etsy shop with Pricks products. Jade is committed to raising awareness for Type 1 Diabetes and is an ambassador for JDRFUK.

Tom, Chris, Morgan and the Diabetes Chat community asked questions to Jade as she joined the #diabeteschat Twitter Space as guest speaker. We spoke about:
– Her Diabetes journey
– Managing her diabetes as a actor
– Her book & ‘pricks‘ show
– Ambassador work for @JDRFUK
– Diabetes Advocacy & the importance of peer support
+lots more.

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