#diabeteschat – Book Club (10/07/23)


This week on the #diabeteschat we held our first ever book club night hosted by Gary and Claire. We were joined by three authors who have created their own diabetes books. They shared their background and connections to the diabetes world and we heard what inspired them to create a diabetes book. We [...]

#diabeteschat – Book Club (10/07/23)2023-08-24T14:21:30+00:00

#diabeteschat book club – a sneak preview into the books


On Monday 10th July 2023 the #diabeteschat community held it's first ever book club event and our guests were - Max and Gary from Captain Lantus - Jade from Daisy Donald - Jo from Bae, a badger with type 1 diabetes. In this short video; Max, Jade and Jo read and share a [...]

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#diabeteschat – Michelle McKenna and DigiBete (10.10.22)


Michelle McKenna is mummy to two children and her youngest daughter has #T1D. Michelle is now a children’s author and blogger after leaving the corporate world after 12 years to pursue a writing career, inspired by her younger daughter who has T1D. Her debut children’s book is called ‘The Yellow Bills’ and Michelle writes [...]

#diabeteschat – Michelle McKenna and DigiBete (10.10.22)2023-08-25T13:49:44+00:00

#diabeteschat – The Adventures of Captain Lantus (1.8.22)


Max was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at the age of 18 months and has gone from finger pricking and using MDI to using technology (CGM) and now on a insulin Pump; and wow this has been a game changer!! Dad and Max created the books 'The Adventures of Captain Lantus' and you can [...]

#diabeteschat – The Adventures of Captain Lantus (1.8.22)2023-08-25T13:58:14+00:00

#diabeteschat – Dana M Lewis (Part 2) (31.5.22)


In this extra special bonus edition of the guest speaker chat…the #diabeteschat community had a chat with Dana about: - Her book & how using OpenAPS has impacted their quality of life. - What she thinks and hopes for the future for diabetes care & management. - Lyumjev Insulin. - Tips & a talk [...]

#diabeteschat – Dana M Lewis (Part 2) (31.5.22)2023-08-25T14:07:20+00:00
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