#diabeteschat – Jean Langford


Come join the #diabeteschat community and connect with people from all around the world living with /or have a connection to diabetes. #diabeteschat is an inclusive community for all and this week our guest speaker is Jean Langford with hosts Mary & Tony.Come join the #diabeteschat community and connect with people from all [...]

#diabeteschat – Jean Langford2024-02-14T19:45:10+00:00

#diabeteschat – Revolve Comics


In this #diabeteschat, co-hosts Mary and Kes are joined by Mayank Patel & Danny McLaughlin. Revolve Comics is a comic book publisher housed in Northern Ireland. In 2015, Revolve Comics collaborated with Diabetes Specialists Partha Kar and Mayank Patel, from Portsmouth & Southampton and people living with Type 1 Diabetes to create a [...]

#diabeteschat – Revolve Comics2024-02-14T19:45:47+00:00

#diabeteschat – World Diabetes Day 2023 Virtual Conference


For World Diabetes Day 2023; #diabeteschat hosted a 6 hour virtual conference. We had lots of guest speakers, for the fun packed event, raising lots of awareness for Diabetes. The event was Monday 13th November 2013 and started at 6pm and ran to 12am GMT (UK Time). We raised lots of awareness for [...]

#diabeteschat – World Diabetes Day 2023 Virtual Conference2024-01-03T13:01:27+00:00

#diabeteschat – dedoc Voices


In this #diabeteschat episode Tom was joined by Bastian and Renza from the #dedoc° team. #dedoc° is an international community by and for people with diabetes and was founded in 2012 by Bastian Hauck, who created the Twitter hashtag #dedoc to host weekly TweetChats for the German chapter of the Diabetes Online Community. [...]

#diabeteschat – dedoc Voices2023-11-03T21:27:16+00:00

#diabeteschat QiC Peer Support Award 2023 (a big Thank you message)


In this video, #diabeteschat founder Tom Dean highlights the togetherness of community and peer support and celebrates the journey #diabeteschat has been on and the huge achievement of the QiC Peer Support Award 2023 in a thank you message. We wish to thank all the amazing people that have supported the #diabeteschat community [...]

#diabeteschat QiC Peer Support Award 2023 (a big Thank you message)2023-10-26T12:24:40+00:00

#diabeteschat – Duke Al Durham (18/9/23)


On this #diabeteschat episode Flipper spoke to Duke about his diabetes diagnosis and journey, OCD, mental health and peer support. We also spoke about Duke's career as a poet and did a live performance reading his poems. You can also listen on Twitter spaces: https://twitter.com/i/spaces/1mnxepyyANAJX/peek

#diabeteschat – Duke Al Durham (18/9/23)2023-10-26T12:28:00+00:00

#diabeteschat – Eden & Desmond (26/06/23)


This week on the #diabeteschat we were joined by Eden and Desmond. We started the night finding out more about Laura, James and Julia; hearing their background to diabetes, their roles at EDEN and Desmond and what fascinates them about Diabetes. We then learnt lots about Leicester Diabetes Centre, EDEN and Desmond and [...]

#diabeteschat – Eden & Desmond (26/06/23)2023-08-24T14:23:54+00:00

#diabeteschat – The Type 1 Club and Parent chat (5/6/2023)


On this #diabeteschat episode we were joined by parents of the Type 1 Club. We heard all about the amazing group and how it all started, the events they do and all the amazing fundraising they do to support children and their families. We spoke to Edelle, Gayle and Kelly and learnt how [...]

#diabeteschat – The Type 1 Club and Parent chat (5/6/2023)2023-08-24T14:29:29+00:00

#diabeteschat – Mental Health chat (15/5/2023)


Mental Health Awareness week commenced Monday Monday 15th May 2023. On the #diabeteschat we talked about mental health and peer support and were joined by the GBDoc community to discuss this very important topic. You can also listen on Twitter: https://twitter.com/i/spaces/1OwGWwkqoQpGQ and use the hashtag - #diabeteschat

#diabeteschat – Mental Health chat (15/5/2023)2023-08-25T11:19:39+00:00

#diabeteschat – Jacq Allan (1/5/2023) – Eating disorders in Type 1 Diabetes


On the 1st of May 2023, Jacq Allan joined the #diabeteschat as our guest speaker. Jacqueline Allan is a diabetes psychologist who is also an associate lecturer at Birkbeck, University of London, and has been in this role since January 2022. She has worked at King's College London as a trainee clinical psychologist [...]

#diabeteschat – Jacq Allan (1/5/2023) – Eating disorders in Type 1 Diabetes2023-08-25T11:21:24+00:00
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